Raffle tickets and baby shower invitations are both expensive in their own right, but what if they were combined?

These are the only baby shower invitations that include a perforated raffle ticket for a diaper raffle one would have at the shower. These invitations help you to save money; most party planners buy the tickets and the invitations separately and spend more money as a result. These tickets are affordable, give you a fun, bright invitation, and a fun activity for the shower.

A diaper raffle is a standard activity at most showers and is becoming more and more popular. It is very simple to host and has great benefits for the new mother and participants. Each guest that wishes to participate in the raffle brings a pack of diapers and the torn off raffle ticket. When they get to the shower, their raffle ticket will be put in a drawing for a simple prize, like a gift card or something small like maybe a tiny gift basket. The winner is usually drawn at the end of the shower. This is an amazing way for the mother to get all the materials she needs for the new baby. You can never have too many diapers for a new baby! By having a diaper raffle, it takes a great load off the mother and gives her something to start with.

These are the first “interactive” invitations and are a must-have for all baby showers. If you are planning to have a diaper raffle, why waste more money by buying your invitations and raffle tickets separately? And if you have never heard of a diaper raffle before, these invitations provide you with what you need to have one. They are not only beneficial for the young mother, but are also fun for the arriving guests!

Coming in both boy and girl styles, these baby shower invitations are 4.25” by 5.5” and come with a perforated raffle ticket at the bottom. They are one-sided with a blank back for any notes that the receiver may need to make. The invitations come with white envelopes, and are smooth heavyweight white cardstock. They come in both boy and girl styles, the girl’s being in pink and the boy’s in blue. American made and with a nice, pretty design, they are a must have for any baby shower!


Article written by Faith Ifft. Faith Ifft is an independent writer for Artistic Media Design.