Cupcakes are the bomb and are perfect for birthdays!

Cupcakes are the best alternative to a birthday cake and are easy to make or even buy. When it’s that special time of the year for your son or daughter and you aren’t quite sure what theme their birthday party should be this year, why not cupcakes? Cupcakes are simple, delicious, and gender neutral. Instead of having a Frozen-themed birthday party, or even a Hot Wheels-themed one, cupcakes provide a very gender neutral, and an easy theme to go with.

If you decide to pursue the cupcake birthday route, you can take it in whatever direction you like! One of the great things about it is that you can do whatever you want with the idea of cupcakes!

Artistic Media Design has the perfect invitations for your cupcake-themed birthday party. Warm, fun invitations with lots of space to fill in all the information about your party, they are simply a must-have for all cupcake birthdays! The invitations themselves, like the general idea of the cupcake birthday party, are gender neutral. They come in a set of twenty-five with envelopes. The backs are blank for any other notes you might need to make and are a decent size; 4.25” by 5.5”. They, like most other products at Artistic Media Design, are heavyweight smooth white cardstock and, as always, made in the USA.


Article written by Faith Ifft. Faith Ifft is an independent writer for Artistic Media Design.