Bridal Shower Word Search Notepads Are in The House

Artistic Media Design, the company that offers unique prints for YOUR special occasions, is back with a brand-new product. The first of its kind for Artistic Media and Design, the Bridal Shower Word Search Notepad is a great way to entertain your guests at your bridal shower! The design is a part of the Daisy Bridal Shower Collection and matches the burlap recipe cards from this collection. These matching items are a perfect, lighthearted theme for your wedding shower!

The word search itself is a great way to entertain your guests. Using one sheet for each table setting, it will keep your guests busy while waiting for the festivities to begin. Get creative with it too! If you want to make a game out of them, you can as well. The word searches are cute little activities that are wedding themed too! Thirty-two words are shuffled up in the puzzle in eight possible directions. Words like “bride,” “groom,” “ring,” and “love” are just some examples of the themed words your guests will be looking for.

The Bridal Shower Word Search Notepad is 5.5” x 8.5” and contains twenty-five sheets per set. The paper is, as always with Artistic Media and Design, nice quality and is smooth and white. They are made and shipped in the USA, a quality valued by many these days.

Artistic Media Design’s bridal shower products are a must-have. The matching recipe cards would not be complete without the word search to finish it off. It’s a fun activity that your guests will love, and it will help keep them entertained. Make your shower stand out more from others with the unique prints from Artistic Media Design!

Article written by Faith Ifft. Faith Ifft is an independent writer for Artistic Media Design.